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Thanks to the experience of its team of local and international specialists, Horizont is able to function within nearly every economic field which exists in French-speaking countries and the Western Balkans (Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and Montenegro).

The services available can be divided into four categories:

Business development

Horizont does not simply offer traditional consulting services but also provides companies with customized solutions when establishing themselves in the Bosnian, Croatian and Montenegrin markets –
in other words, from the very inception of an idea to the first deal.

A vast number of western companies encounter serious difficulties because they lack a comprehension of local particularities which are determined by local cultures and politics. Although Balkan countries have adopted a market economy approach, the actors within them are still linked to a specific history. In such a highly complex environment, even a trivial detail can determine whether a project will be successful or not.

Figure B

Thanks to its solid knowledge of local markets, its team of experts and its partnerships with key players in the Western Balkans, Horizont can greatly increase the success rate of a company’s projects in local markets.

Figure C

Horizont’s guidance does not stop once a company has been established. As its name suggests, Horizont also sees companies through every step of the development process and enables companies to grow and prosper in local markets

Import/Export Outsourcing

Horizont offers assistance with services related to import/export activities. Horizont takes charge of export projects which involve marketing and distribution network development for international markets as well as activities related to strategic and logistical decisions. The development of those two key activities of a product value chain is built on a result approach rather than the potential of products or brands. What is also very important for us is that, throughout every step, costs are considered as an essential variable. Every Euro spent by the client is considered on a efficiency based analysis and costs are kept at optimum result/cost rate.

The producers need only concentrate their efforts on production and operational tasks.

Figure D
Institutional Projects

Horizont actively assists with institutional and private projects such as the implementation of large projects in regional markets and offers customized organizational and logistical solutions which ensure the success of such ventures.

Thanks to skilled partners from Luxembourg and the U.K., Horizont is also able to find adequate funding sources for projects.

Examples of some projects: the concession of hydroelectric plants, the privatization of public companies, the establishment of new financial organizations...

Economic and Financial Advice

Companies face increasingly complex environments and are forced to understand interactions between different spheres of society as well as the impact global events can have on markets and economic activities. With a network which includes local experts as well as those in Luxembourg, Horizont is an exceptional consulting company which provides its clients with quick in-house analysis regarding the global economy and the development of financial markets. Horizont also advises its clients on specific issues and the implications of global trends on individual markets.

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